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While stopping in Oklahoma for the weekend, I ran into that coward again.

In an attempt to prove his bravery, he shoved me... from behind. Nothing happened after that except for some weak-ass wrestling. He managed to scrape himself up on my jacket, as well as have an earring pulled out.

Pure coincidence, we were working for the same company on this site. The dumb motherfucker decided to assault me, in public, a few yards away from the cops, on our way to work.

If we had the body, he would've been fired on the spot, but we needed someone to pretend to be a pushmonkey.

The rest of the weekend was spent with him scowling and making faces, while he alienated himself from everyone he worked for. Chances are pretty good he will never work for this company again. Which means he can go back to his more natural profession, sucking dick for coke.

No further incidents, except for someone decided to write things on his girlfriend's truck and key it up a little. Blame was assigned to me, except according to the pictures on my camera, it looks like the scratches are from bad driving, and that's not my handwriting. Also, if it was me, I think we all know what would've been written on their truck. Can anyone guess.

And it would've been done with spraypaint and a cinderblock.

Anyways, his still pissed off that I'm 'talking shit on the internet'.

Yeah? Am I really? It's not 'talking shit' if it's the truth.

Boy, if you believe what I've written about you is incorrect, and you feel my assessment of your character is also in error, feel free to let me know. Respond here, or in an e-mail, letting me know what's up.

If you were a man, you would've done that in the first place. Prove I'm wrong, prove you're not a goddamned coward.

Also, ask why your girlfriend still talks about me, and reads my journals, and spends the entire day staring at me. My co-workers noticed her rubbing her greasy eyeballs all over me as I was working out in the sun.

Did she tell you how she cried when I kissed my wife in front of her? I bet she didn't.

I bet she hasn't told you she's cheated on you as well.

But that's not here or there, let's stick to one subject at a time.

Tell me how you're NOT a cunt-faced coward, and I'll remove what I posted.

Or stop reading it, you pussy. Or maybe you liked how I kissed you?
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Jason Faircloth is a worthless coward.
jason faircloth is a worthless coward.

There's really nothing more to say about this, but I'm sure there's plenty of people who are wondering "wtf is he talking about?". So as such, let me tell you a story...

don't read it if you don't want to hear about it... )

The point of the story?

'Silence is the language of death, threats the language of fear and impotence.'

Never in my life have I ever won a fight without throwing a single fist. I'm very proud of myself, and I hope one day he grows up to realize how much mercy I showed him that day.

A small evil part of me wishes I see him again, without witnesses.

Besides, no matter what abuse I heaped on him, the fact that his girlfriend gasps and mutters my name every day without fail will always be a far worse fate.

The End.
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Being as my stupid fucking ex (i.e, [ profile] rhaedde is playing the "he's full of shit" card (like all the others attempt to do at some point), let's play a game!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with...


(theme music plays...)

This is a game where a we take a list of statements, and we get to pick which is the truth and which is slanderous defamation. I'm going to post a series of statements. Read each of these statements carefully, and choose which is which. Ready? Set? Go!

(clock ticks...)

1. She cheated on me. Quite a few times. Usually with friends of mine. Usually premeditated. It was usually my friends who told me. After hearing for years she didn't "believe in cheating".

2. She broke into my apartment. She also broke into my car. She took things from me. Then she lamely attempted to give some of it back later in the year.

3. She has had unprotected sex with enough men in enough places she's not only a health risk to a full sub-culture, but she had *multiple* "pregnancy scares" in which she didn't know who the father was.

(buzzer sounds.)

Okay Allison, you're claiming I'm lying about you in order to "demonize" and "vilify" you so I can "feel better about myself"? Please feel free to point out what I've lied about. If you feel my assessment of your character is wrong, I'm open to correction. However you'll need to prove to me you're not a lying and thieving selfish little spoiled whore, so good luck. I think you'll need it.

Ask your "friends" for assistance if you need it.

Oh! Speaking of... Rumour has it I do this sort of thing to my other exes, let's bring up a quick bonus round! The clock is ticking, choose wisely.

1. In regards to my lame cunt ex from Wyoming; I worked two jobs to support her while she only worked 8 hours a week. I gave her a thousand dollars out of generousity to help her pay her bills only to have her file for bankruptcy a few weeks later. She stole things of mine, and later claimed it was her mother.

2. In regards to my ex in ohio: Your photoshop skills aren't as good as your ability to pack on weight. FYI; you're fooling no one.

Time's up! Please put down your pencils and post your results.

Audience, feel free to play along at home, we can compare scores.

*This is where I wish I had big obnoxious blinky text.

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