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So that's it. After a month of waiting to be proven wrong, instead it went the opposite way.

Somehow I ended up founding and funding a start-up and then watched it turn around and vote me off the island.


My first step was going to do a full evaluation of the company, create a presentation for the board, and then offer up a suggestion on what to do next. Sounds rational. Sounded pretty good to my family over the holidays. Sounded pretty good to the lawyer. I fucking ran this thing around the back of my head like a pinball for the entire month. I looked at it from all angles. I looked at the reasons leading up to it, and I looked at so many different possibilities of how it could go down. Everything sounded great.

Not ten minutes after my first e-mail to the team someone takes umbrage at something I say, and shit goes south IMMEDIATELY.

Just took 30 days off for vacation and I'm ready to get back into it. My batteries are fully charged once more, and I'm feeling great again. Had enough time to myself I was not only able to catch up on a few of my own personal projects, but now I can refocus on the company with a fresh pair of eyes.

Speaking of objectivity, my first priority is to write up and submit an executive summary of Mjolnir Software. I will be performing a critical review of the current state of the company, and my intention is to present it to the owners during the next meeting. End of the year is quickly approaching, and we need to make a proper accounting before we can expect to plan for our next year.

In order for me to make a proper report, I'm going to need everyone to get back to me in regards to their contributions and accomplishments in regards to their time with Mjolnir Software. I have a solid idea of how everything has progressed, thanks to our management reporting and awareness tools, but as always, sometimes small details get lost between the lines. Being as this review is going to be incredibly comprehensive, I'll need to know everything. In order for this report to be done correctly, I'm going to need everyone's complete co-operation on this. The more exacting and thorough the information, the more complete and factual the assessment will be.

Please be aware this is a *year end* review, so please submit your information accordingly. (Also, please don't reply-all on this e-mail. A lot can happen in a year between a dozen people, and I'd rather we don't flood each other's e-mails in regards to this.) If you have any questions or concerns, I'll be happy to respond.

Glad to be back, and I look forward to hearing about what everyone's been up to.

-Jason C. Thompson
Co-owner & Creative Director - Mjolnir Software, LLC
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 ...and  there is a board-meeting tonight, and I am fresh on the agenda.

So... I guess until I get my letter of forced removal from the board I get to sit on my ass and watch this place fall apart, or I move on with my own projects now while waiting on getting my investment back...

Too bad. I had high hopes. Lots of plans. Guess I just trusted the wrong set of people. 

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