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Somehow I managed to edit and release a full length commercial, cook breakfast for my family, majority redesign a website, make lunch, do a bunch of redesign work to my own site, cook dinner and bathe my kid (made soup, get it? haha), and then pimped out said commercial. All in one day.

Oh and then I cleaned the living room and kitchen, because "wha'dup?"

Now to do nothing all day tomorrow, because I earned it.

So... what did YOU do with your life today?
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The game I've been working on for the past few months is now out, and I'm satisfied. Mandatory two week break, and then it's back into it for the next one. 

So yeah, exciting. I am now officially a professional video game designer. 

Here's the official announcement.

Also, if anyone is into this sort of thing, I posted a gallery of images taken while I was developing the UI. 


Good times.... good times. Now to catch up on some artwork...

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Galaxy - In - Flames: The Crucible

If you've signed up for our Beta, you're automatically granted access to the super secret rock star entrance into our underground lair. 

If you haven't signed up for our Beta, now is the time.


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