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The new job is just fine. I'm perfectly capable of doing it well, I enjoy doing it (or I enjoy not working at the old fucking place anymore), and my customers and co-workers like me just fine.

It pays well, and it affords me enough free time to work on the design work. It also looks incredibly stable, and with enough time, I definately see chance for advancement.

I wasn't getting as many hours as I wanted, but that's already changed. It's the commute. It's really a lot. 

Between being on the train for an hour and a half each way, and the full hour of biking each way, and the fact I work overnights now, I think I'm losing my mind a little. The disconnect is weird. At the same time, the more I look at the internet, the more I think maybe some alone time would be worth it.

Now if I could just find a nice place somewhere really close to work, that would be nice. 

So I'm really sore and really tired all the time. At least I'm getting some fresh air and exercise, right?


Now that I'm adjusted to the new job, I can get back to work on what I started two weeks ago.


The best thing going on right now is the baby. Both Kate and I are stressed, but we're very happy. We know the future's going to be hard, but we're looking forward to it. I mean what good time is ever easy?

Every one of these little moments have been so joyous and life affirming.

The heartbeat, the video of it's movement. Today I actually felt it moving and kicking physically.

Resting my hand on her stomache, I could almost believe for a moment that our child felt my presence there. It was if they were trying to reach for me and find a finger to grip. I'm sure it was only reacting to the pressure and the warmth of my hand, but the way it seems to keep reaching out and reaching out...

Another sign that this life was on it's way, and I fill up with such childlike wonder that I almost burst. 

This is life, I'm a part of it. 

I already know what they mean by having a child means unconditional love. And I don't mean theirs as an offspring. I mean mine as the father.


Stil tired as hell though. haha.
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where the hell is the line between "ranting to blow off steam" and "passive-aggressive shit-talking"?

Ugh. P/A behaviour drives me up the wall. But does talking about it make me P/A?

I'm really more of an active-aggressive sort of person. I just happen to be very patient and very tolerant. Which makes it easier for me to get along with people, and I guess it makes it easier to get along with me. That and I'm kinda easy to figure out. Or, at least I look like it. Still waters run deep, and there's a body at the bottom of the well.

Long fuse. Long, long fuse. Luckily, I know the trick to this. It's about letting what does not matter, slide.

The rainstorms are a welcome relief from the violent heat wave that has gripped Philly this week. Perfect weather for some Depeche Mode, fresh coffee, and some fried scrapple. It's also a good day to play video games and draw half-naked elf chicks. Unfortunately, I can't just "let go" for a day and game it up. I'm obsessed with this new hobby. It's called "looking for work". Fuck. If I could somehow turn "looking for a job" into "a job", I'd be pulling in a six figure salary.

I'd be pissed if I wasn't so goddamned amused.
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Done for a full page spread to advertise for the company I've created the website for. Went a totally different route than just redoing the site, I went for something I've always wanted to do. Or in this case, re-do. (Oh hey it's a cover of a cover. ell oh ell.)

It was a lot of work. Real hard work. Nudging pixels and colours as I heard and felt my laptop chug away at such a massive DPI.

Totally. Fucking. Worth it.

*THIS* is the sort of design work I want to live off of.

I'm seriously tempted to print this out and frame it... and send five copies to my momma.
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So I went ahead and posted my resume on

Here's my first response:

"After a review of your resume on we feel you may be a great candidate for enlistment into the U.S. Army or Army Reserves.

There is no limit to the opportunities in the Army — so there’s no limit to what you can achieve. The Army strengthens you, and your future, with expert training in one of more than 150 different Active Duty jobs and over 120 in the Army Reserve. From working with computers to assisting physicians to fixing helicopters, there’s an Army job that’s right for you — providing the experience that will give you an edge..."

Dear Army Recruiter,

I heard Drill Sargents aren't allowed to curse anymore. Why would I want to fight along side a bunch of pussies?

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After not hearing from him since tuesday afternoon, I went ahead and sent him an e-mail after waiting 48 hours.


Sorry I never got a chance to hear back from you on Tuesday afternoon.
When would you like me to call you today to discuss our contract?


i just got a response, 24 hours after that e-mail. So keep in mind, it's been over 72 hours since we were supposed to talk about my contract.

"Hi Jason,

I was out of the office all day yesterday just major e-mail.

Regarding work done on WordPress. I don't know how to handle
compensation for the work you did It's a tricky situation. You put in so
many hours, but I am not sure we advanced anything. We were not having
any problems before the upgrade-I just wanted to get an RSS feed which
we still don't have. And, Lindsay says she thinks it's still not working

I always try to be fair. Tell me what you think. Call me anytime today.


Wow. Wait till he gets the list of everything I've done for him... 'just an RSS feed' my ass.


Aug. 4th, 2009 11:41 pm
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My job is so fucking unbelievable. I'll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with:

First, there is this supermodel wanna-be chick. Yeah, okay, she is pretty hot, but damn is she completely useless. The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on makeup. She is extremely self-centered and has never once considered the needs or wants of anyone but herself. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and I still find it surprising that she has enough brain power to continue to breath.

The next chick is completely the opposite. She might even be one of the smartest people on the planet. Her career opportunities are endless, and yet she is here with us. She is a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm not sure she even showers, much less shaves her "womanly" parts. I think she might be a lesbian, because every time we drive by the hardware store, she moans like a cat in heat.

But the jewel of the crowd has got to be the fucking stoner. And this guy is more than just your average pothead. In fact, he is baked before he comes to work, during work, and I'm sure after work. He probably hasn't been sober anytime in the last ten years, and he's only 22. He dresses like a beatnik throwback from the 1960's, and to make things worse, he brings his big fucking dog to work. Every fucking day I have to look at this huge Great Dane walk around half-stoned from the second-hand smoke. Hell, sometimes I even think it's trying to talk with its constant bellowing. Also, both of them are constantly hungry, requiring multiple stops to McDonalds and Burger King, every single fucking day.

Anyway, I drive these fucktards around in my van and we solve mysteries and shit.

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