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So after years of struggling, I'm about to say "my website is finally done" whatever the hell that means.

Seriously though, massive redesign, tons of SEO work in the background. I am going by the book and doing this blog by the letter. Good feed practices, responsive design. Well designed and maintained galleries.

It's in open beta. What that means is I'm almost done, and I need a pair of eyes to objectively look over everything once more before I start spamming and advertising this place.

Of course, the usual is going to happen, which means it'll be at the most 3 or 4 people helping me out here, even though if you ask anyone about me, there's supposed to be a legion of people that would love to rake my work over the coals... in effigy if anything.

So yeah, I guess, have at it.
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So... let's talk about my website.

The funny thing is, I can either update it or I can create content to update it with. I obviously can't do both and it shows.

I have dumped a bunch of new content on there over the past year, and it's getting to get a little crazy there.

That means going in there and cleaning and organizing. Expect a lot of changes.

If anyone wants to be a part of the process, visit and send me critiques. It's now or never because once I straighten up in there, I'm planning on being busy enough no one's going to hear from me ever again.

I'm posting this publicly for everyone, but I'm especially asking for assistance from my friends, because I love you all and I value your opinion. I would love if you share the joy and come join me. I kinda miss spending time with a lot of you guys. 

(Also, I'm honestly a little tired of doing this all by myself.)

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Sneak peek at our website @

We'll be making the official announcement on the 18th.

Stay tuned for more news about this and even more stuff.
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... and instead now I'm much too early.

So now what?

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banging this out now just before i go to bed.

decided to create a new branding for the site.

  • blog updated.
  • made a profile image and a cover image for facebook 
  • about page has better info and more images.
  • commissions page has samples.
  • posted SOPA review
  • added "current events" tab

still to-do -
  • make product page. finish splash page.

i want to keep posting, but the girl wants me to get up with her in the morning for home made pancakes. i hope the amount of work i put into the site today is worth being half asleep for it. 

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I must be about ready to premiere a new finished project, or something, because I find myself doing my weird pre-release ritual where I start nesting... And by nesting I mean updating all of my profiles and removing link rot.
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Post-mortem in a bit. I'm fucking knackered.
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Anyways, I've also gone ahead and created a blog, something I haven't really had since I last had a domain a few years ago. Shit, I was blogging before the term even existed; we're talking back in the era of E/N sites. StileProject didn't have porn ads, there was no blogosphere. I'm a little shocked. Back in the day there really wasn't much out there in terms and resources for anyone who wanted to have a 'blog' (man, i *still* feel weird even using that term.). You wanted a blog, you opened up notepad and you wrote it yourself. You wanted links, you went out there and looked for them. Then you e-mailed other webmasters and you bartered for reciprocal links.

Now it's a simple matter of creating a blog, then clicking a few links. Traffic is created for you. Images are generated online instantly. Templates are everywhere. Honestly, if you have the information architecture, you don't really need anything else. Follow the directions, do a quick google search and you will never have to contact a web designer the entire time. Sounds great, unless you're one of them.

What amazes me is that designers and coders have created so much in terms of generators and templates, that we've almost automated ourselves out of existence. You need a CMS, there's a thousand of them out there. Want to change the design and layout? There's a million templates. Need shiny buttons? Billions. Widgets, snippets, whatever.

We're at the point now if you know how to cut&paste, you can have a cutting edge site up and running in a manner of minutes. Honestly, I'm not exaggerating here.

Absolutely amazing. Thrilling too. Now after years of designers talking about "content is king", it might actually be coming true.

The funny part, however, is that even with all of these templates and generators, you'd think we had open-sourced ourselves out of existence. Luckily, the only people who know these things exist are the people they would normally replace.

Thank god the average user is usually overwhelmed, easily confused, and a touch lazy. Otherwise we'd be extinct.

Shit. Is this a rant?

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