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Here's a list of the writing projects I'm in the middle of:

My Cruel Heart
 A collection of poems and diary entries I wrote while going through one of the most painful endings of a personal relationship I've ever been through. I simply need to go through everything, organize it, and create the layouts. Then it's off to design the book.

I'm publishing this book for the sole purpose of telling anyone else going through any painful phase in their life that they are not alone, nor does the world have to end.

Of Monsters and Windmills
A story of teen drama involving a group of kids and their Quixotic adventures.

Liberty Wall
The problem with building a wall around a people is not that you're keeping the bad guys out, but you're also keeping the good ones in.

The Curse of Eichenlaub Village
A Nazi sacrifices himself , both figuratively and literally, to save a town.

Burlesque Macabre
A Voodoo priestess dances for a caberet full of vampyres.

Dead Alexis Collection
The Angel of Vengeance is told that God has turned his back on us all. A series of shorts.

Blackwater, Missouri
The horror of the undead descends on a small town. Currently, it's in script form. The first act is done, the second act needs dialogue, the third act needs more than just a plot outline.

Eddie and the Egg
A coming of age story about a mute Hispanic kid as the second coming of Jesus.

Six and Ten: Genefix Cure
A dark and gloomy steampunk story.

Hand of God
The story of a genetically modified assassin. Frankenstein's Monster in a Hong Kong Bullet Opera.

Reality of the Dead
This is the true story... of eight strangers... picked to escape a zombie outbreak...survive together and have their struggles  taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...

Lords of Death
I place a few of my characters into the middle of Revelations.

Proud Mary
Zombies on a Train

"Gang of Brothers"
South Central LA bangers grow up together, go into the military, and come back with the training to become kings of the underworld.

The 3000
Based on current events, this is a story about a organized crime cartel made up of the security gaurds from the largest prison in the US.

UnderBridge: The Rise and Fall of the Internet Provocuter
(i'm not telling.)

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I need to do a final pass on Liberty Wall. I've got a bunch of great notes on this story, now it's just writing them in. Then it's a final edit pass, and then I stamp it as done.

I'm not sure if I'm done with "Curse". All I could imagine doing is just adding more detail, but I kinda like how fast it is. I'm sure I could add all sorts of silly shit... like the scene where the escaped Nazi tries to convince the town to go along with his plan... which might make the impact of the final scene stronger... but I dunno. Should I?

Burlesque Macabre is plotted. Now it's just writing it. I'm excited that it's going to end with a zombie gorilla ripping off a vampyre's head. I mean, the "work" is going to be so worth being able to write a sentence like that.

I've got a head full of idea for "Zacks on a Train" (ha ha not the final title), I might sit down and write out the plot, or I might just write down character descriptions and then "free ball" it, for lack of a better term.

However... I might have to take a break from the fiction and write an op-ed piece about The Occupationist Movement. I've been fed a lot of what's been going on with it, from both sides, and I feel... "passionately neutral" about the whole thing?

Anyways, expect some sort of documentation where I describe what I've learned, voice my grievances, and offer improvements, all while shoving my foot in my mouth.

I should post a poll, but last time only 4 people voted. Majority got what they wanted, true, but still, I'm not going to fucking post any more polls until more people start reading this stupid journal.


However, with all of this in front of me, I'm really REALLY sleepy. I need to ignore the siren call of the Battlefield 3 demo and go to sleep for a few hours before I do the work thing.
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My to-do list is now always live and always public.

That should keep me motivated, especially if someone out there randomly pokes a cell and asks "what's this about?"

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I guess here's another state of the union address.

Having realized how better a concept the cards could be, I've taken a step back and I've invested some serious time in research. I think it's going to reflect in the Illustrations and the over all content.

I've purchased the book "The Tarot Workbook" by Emily Peach, and surprisingly, it re-inforced my thoughts about introducing more Judaical symbolism. (I'm getting introduced to some ancient history that I don't know much about, so please expect me to not know what I'm talking about.)

Especially the Sephiroth Diagrams. I'm a huge sucker for that.

There's a second book recommended to me, which I need to really order ASAP is "Tarot and the Journey".

I think between both books, I'm covered. I've also allocated all of the tools and supplies I need for it.

BUT... since I went ahead and put that project on hold anyway, I might as well do a few random illustrations. These are going to have a different focus, but I think it'll be cool. I need to sit down with a sketch pad and sketch out some cast iron madness. I might also dig up my old "Six and Ten" stories and see if that'll stop me from having to whip up concepts too much out of thin air. I might just need to do a few "search and replaces". I mean really, isn't that the point of Fan Fics?

For instance, all mention of "The GraveRobber" will be replaced with "GlitterJack".


My Dead Alexis project is just getting started.

After getting my eyes examined today, I took the long way home and took a bunch of photographs of all the local churches in my area. I might share them soon, but I think I also have some sketches I need to upload.

You know, with my sudden train of thought barreling down our tunnels here, I forgot to post the bit related to the title. All of this "jcterminal activity" is related to a writing project. jcterminal gets one last shot out of publishing his book about trolling, and then its gone forever. I'm just that busy, and really... it's gotten boring.

The girlfriend has been out of town for a week. I was surprised with how much I missed her the first day. I mean, don't get me wrong, I liked the "time off", but still. Guess that means I like her still. I should keep her around for a bit. Haha. I am going to have to deal with her ticking clock when she gets home.

Good shows are coming around. I'm going to start leaving the house a little more often. Which means I should probably go back and replace all of my stolen ids. The driver's license replacement is going to be a pain in the ass. The passport's easy. I can't believe someone fucking stole them. I hope it was worth it to them.

Eyes were checked. They're still good (HEY I'M NOT BLIND LULZ), and I ordered new frames. I've sticking with the same style I'm into (thin, light, and simple as possible). However, I'm switching over to half frames. I'm also getting plastic framed for the first time in my life. I dunno man. I'd rather wear welding goggles everywhere.

So now it's time to order new boots, and we're good for the next few years on that dumb stuff.

I did the dumbest thing last week. I felt really bad about it. I fixed it, mostly. We'll see how the rest goes.

Congratulations to Brenna and Zak on the birth of Liam.
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If I was smart, I'd turn this "to-do" list into a sticky note and leave it here in my journal, like Val does. But I'm not as smart as her.

Scraps To-Do List:
1. Organize Sketches.
2. Finish Sketches (up to inking).
3. Digitize finished work.
4. Add finished "scraps" to gallery.
4. Sell inked scraps.
5. Move sold scraps to new gallery
6. Buy more art supplies.
7. Update commissions page.
8. Spam commissions.

Soon... CGI to-do list. Writing to-do list. Warren to-do list. Website and design to-do list.

Fuck. I have a to-do lists to-do list.

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