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Quick concept notes on my current project. Not much of it might make sense.

I. The Mountibank

"if you see your future, you can change it."

concepts: juggler, sleight of hand.

manipulated transformation
strength of will to change
determination of exposure.

rigid genuflection pose
crossed arms open hands
arcane gestures
one ball landing amoungst cups
two ended candle
two snakes
injured and bandaged arm
blood flow onto open math book
(four books of the tarot dismantled)?

misc: dynamic teal and amber side by side. (las vegas magic show)
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Comments, especially from those familiar with the art of divination, are welcomed. I'm not just doing it for myself you know.
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Point: All card illustrations must be explanatory of the card itself.

Technique: Ink on illustration boards.

Format: India ink on vellum.

Size: 11x17 Originals. Cropped to standard size (Rider-Waite deck).

Theme: High Fantasy/Psychedelic Science Fiction. Mythic Future. Battle Robes of the War Priests.

Style: Marquette level detailing. Bold and simple design. Post modern structuring. Thick and heavy shapes. Straight lines. Art-Noveau meets Soviet Propaganda.

Influence: Jack Kirby. Moebius. Brom. Michael Manning. Ancient Classic meanings.

Elements: Monoliths. Super-structural shapes. Heavy shadows. consistency of style and design. narrative images. repeating symbols. loose celtic/viking designs. runes. glowing sigils?
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Having more free time on my hands recently, and seeing that I'm going to have more time, I'm organizing my to-do list. And I'm doing it in front of everyone.


The ACEOs - I have finished two pieces of my ACEO reworks, they only need to be mounted at this point. Which means I need to get some backing boards and some mattes.

The Cards - Serious headway has been taken on my new suite. I'd like to focus more on this. I've got a ton of sketches and notes on this project, and I'm really looking forward to just doing it. Once I hit my next milestone, I'll post pictures.

Playing Cards - I'm also designing a set of playing cards, based off of some of the imagery I've discovered in the other set. Should be pretty quick and easy, but I'd like to see more of the other card project.

(Wait a sec... everything at the top of my to-do list involves cards. haha.)

Death is Legion - I need to take a break from these big projects and work on a stand alone piece. I think this Death is Legion pic is probably going to be the best choice. I've got all the tools, now I just need to clear off space on the table.

Blackwater, Missouri - I really just need to knuckle down and finish the first act, go over it with a fine-tooth, and call it finished. Then I can move on to storyboards. By the time I'm done with the story boards, I should be able to move on to the fun part... the animatics. Or motion comics. Or whatever the hell you people call them nowadays.


The full turns for my 3D character projects - I'm not sure if I want to do them ASAP, or if I should just wait until I start doing my 3D stuff again. I'll think about it.

Eddie and the Egg - I need to stare at this for a while. While I kinda like the concept, I really need to start writing it. Maybe fake a scene with the characters. Eventually.

Six & Ten - I wrote some fanfic. I'm no longer a fan, however, the story itself is still REALLY good. So I'm going to "search and replace" a few key words and phrases and then write the next chapter. Then maybe I'll illustrate a page or two... but first I have to script.... ugh. what am i doing? I have enough going on. The story stalled out, but I'm going to go with an old bit of writer's advice... "if the story stalls, kill someone."


All digital work, including both graphic design and web design, are postponed because MY LAPTOP IS STILL IN THE SHOP. This shop.... I'll talk about it later. I have the worst luck ever. Second only to the guy who runs the business. Maybe my laptop is cursed.

SafeHouse! - I can't very well work on my video game without my laptop. >:(

My 3D work is getting put on the backburner because I'm enrolling into college for further study on the subject. No point in doing anything with it right now. Might as well empty the head and start from scratch.

My camera is dead. So no new photography and/or work on my photobooks. Well... I could work on the books, but honestly, they're at the bottom of my priority list. And if I'm going to have to stop working on one aspect of my photo stuff, I might as well stop all of it.

Cancelled: I had heard a rumour that they were coming out with a new Thundercats cartoon. However, no sketches are info was released. Apparently, it wasn't a rumour, and yet no media was being published.

So, I started redesigning the Thundercat license, not only just for the fun of it, but I was going to package them up as professional as possible, publicize them, and see if they would go viral as leaked "official" work. Studio stamps and everything.

I've got a few quick character sketches, and a short overview of them. I had some good roughs of most of the team, and all that was needed was some quick renders of each one, nothing fancy. However, it kinda hovered near the bottom of the to-do list, so it would get pushed back every time something new came up. I missed the window of opportunity on the publicity end of it, so I'm going to end it there. I might release what I've made, but I think I have better things to do with my time.

Dishes: I'm tired of them. I'm packing them in a tupper in the closet, and living off of paper plates for the rest of my life.

So yeah, time to go tackle the "now" part. I don't know which order to do it in, but I'll figure it out. Prolly by the time I'm done doing the dishes tonight.
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Here's sneak peak at the next big project the Warren and I are working on...

Already ran into a snag, but that's never stopped me, has it? I'm usually the last one to give up on anything I'm involved with. Even when it passes the line into tenacious idiocy.

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