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Mjolnir Software,

I have yet to receive the letter from your lawyer that you promised me last week.

Please forward their number and address to me so I can reach out to them and make sure they know the best way to contact me.


-Jason C. Thompson

Mr Thompson,

We spoke with our lawyer last week. You will recieve his letter via email when he is finished reviewing information and when we have approved it.
It takes time to do things properly. He will have the final piece of information he requested when he checks his email tomorrow morning and his final version of the letter will be ready for you soon after.

P.S. Since we asked you not to contact us directly again, this technically represents harassment. However, we are going to overlook that so we can just deal on the basis of the letter.

Mjolnir Software
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At this point I'm expecting someone to show up at my door with a gun. haha. /facepalmheaddesk

I'm saying that because who's crazy enough to use my own artwork right after firing me?
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Talked to a lawyer, I'm safe because I always did the right thing. Can't do anything else unless someone breaks the law. Most I can do is terminate my interest and then ask for them to pay me back for my capital contributions. Then wait for them to fuck that up and then collapse under their own incompetence.

Lesson learned. An agreement is only as good as the people that are in it.

It was nice to hear justification from a knowledgeable legal council that I did the right thing. It was also nice to hear his condolences for getting fucked like this. Too bad none of that equals anything I can use to feed my daughter, and I'm really fucking tired of being right like this so often. 

Yeah. Moving on.
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So that's it. After a month of waiting to be proven wrong, instead it went the opposite way.

Somehow I ended up founding and funding a start-up and then watched it turn around and vote me off the island.


My first step was going to do a full evaluation of the company, create a presentation for the board, and then offer up a suggestion on what to do next. Sounds rational. Sounded pretty good to my family over the holidays. Sounded pretty good to the lawyer. I fucking ran this thing around the back of my head like a pinball for the entire month. I looked at it from all angles. I looked at the reasons leading up to it, and I looked at so many different possibilities of how it could go down. Everything sounded great.

Not ten minutes after my first e-mail to the team someone takes umbrage at something I say, and shit goes south IMMEDIATELY.

the e-mail in question )...and  there is a board-meeting tonight, and I am fresh on the agenda.

So... I guess until I get my letter of forced removal from the board I get to sit on my ass and watch this place fall apart, or I move on with my own projects now while waiting on getting my investment back...

Too bad. I had high hopes. Lots of plans. Guess I just trusted the wrong set of people. 
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Today I had to make a hard decision. It was a long time coming, and I saw it happening, but it doesn't make it any easier.
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Suddenly the CHIME of a hail notification cuts in for about two seconds. The Emergency Core, recognising the IFF tag as belonging to Consortium ships puts it through automatically. The sound of EERIE, LABORED BREATHING comes in over radio. The sound is slightly distorted, and so intense that it sounds as if the speaker has his or her headset mic pressed into their cheek.

(hushed, creeped out)
...Core? ... what is that?

U.S.C. Freighter detected. Life support offline. Engines offline. Extensive damage to superstructure and vital systems. Escape pods have not launched. The vessel may have encountered hostile craft prior to your recent engagement.

Amy looks out the cockpit window. Her voice is small and awed, like that of a child after recent discipline from their parents. The dead freighter appears as a speck.

Dear God...


The freighter hangs floating in space, utterly ravaged. Its elements and components are highlighted as if from Amy's POV through her helmet HUD and marked with damage reports. Most of the main body of the ship is colored in red with a few green, undamaged sections.

GURGLING, LABORED BREATHING continues on the radio, interspersed with coughing.

He's dying.

Affirmative. Breathing pattern is agonal. Death imminent.
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This is the difference between professional presentation and shit that gets laughed at by investors. This is not marketable, and it's shit you should've had taken care of before the big "video reveal" at 2 am on a Sunday morning.

You are costing me money. I cannot afford to lose money.
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Sneak peek at our website @

We'll be making the official announcement on the 18th.

Stay tuned for more news about this and even more stuff.

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