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So I'm really over livejournal. It's completely dead, outside of four or five friends, and I'd love to see these friends either move to their owndomains, or move to here. Maybe if I can develop some app or script that can do everything I need to do to migrate, and perfect it so otherpeople can migrate their journals in only a button or two...

 Things to do:
  1. Archive all 3 livejournals.
  2. Shut down all 3.*
  3. Upload everything to this place. 
There are a few things that LJ has that this place does not. However, those small things are not keeping me there. And I'm thinking if I ask nicely, I'll get those things here. Regardless... the ground there is going sour.

*I'll keep the latest LJ up, but only because it echoes nicely and plays well with FB.
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Once universally praised for founder Brad Fitzpatrick’s open-source platform and commitment to a free userbase—he once vowed that LiveJournal would always have basic (non-paying or ad-supported) accounts—LiveJournal is known these days mostly for being popular in Russia (the Russian name for blogging is “LJ.”) and Singapore, and for housing gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t.

What happened?

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I was going to make this huge livejournal post here tomorrow, because it will be my big anniversary with this place. Yeah man, can you believe it, 10 years of livejournaling.

Who here has been the longest? I think my brother has been here since day one. Or at least, I've talked about him the most. Hahaha.

10 years of awesome adventures, a dozen failed creative attempts, and a few heartbreaks.

So yeah, was gonna post a huge thing about my "10 years of lj" but apparently tomorrow is the day everyone shuts down the internet to protest something about fair trade (countries that make and sell soap and how we abuse them) or some other weird 'protest the internet' movement.

That's my luck.

/cue theme song.

oh wait, my ten year is today, i still have time!
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So, I'm currently archiving my other eljays, and I'm going to pull them offline once that happens.

Looking back at my previous journals, I've learned two things:

1. I was MUCH funnier back then. Like, "maggots in my pisshole" funny.

2. Karma IS a bitch. The people I railed against are SO fucking miserable right now, and that makes me giggle a little.

And I haven't even LOOKED in the comments.
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(Originally posted by [ profile] n3m3sis42)

Join the Friending Frenzy here.

Feeling nostalgic for the olden days, when everyone and their brother had an LJ and your Friends List was always super active?

Granted, we're busier now and wouldn't be able to keep up with a friend's list as active as the ones we had 10 years ago, but it would be nice to find other livejournal users that are still pretty active.

There has to be people out there that need more than 140 characters at a time, right?

To participate, all you have to do is follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Comment below with the following:

- An interesting fact about yourself
- Why you think people would enjoy reading your livejournal
- What new livejournals would you like to find

2. Peruse the comments and add (or ask to add) anyone who seems interesting to you.

Please share this as much as possible. This will only work well if enough people get involved.

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Rumour has it ElJay is currently being DDOS attacked. I don't know who's dumb enough to waste their time trying to take down the internet's version of "does this website make me look fat?" but it's ridiculous.

If it keeps up, what little user base is left is going to go run off to use EffBee's "notes" or worse yet, they might all go and learn how to make and maintain websites.

So... here's how to save your precious cheese sandwich posts from being derezzed when the purge comes.
  1. Download and install LJ-Archive.
  2. Follow the fucking directions.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.
There you have it. Now you can dump your archive into your Google docs, publish them as a book no one will read, or if you're technically inclined, you can set up a WordPress account, and then import all of your entries into there.

(Which I recommend highly, because once your WP is set up and your old entries are there, you can install a plug-in that allows you to push all of your future WP entries to BOTH LJ and FB.)

Any questions? Feel free to help.
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Now with LJ being completely fucking raped by some sort of DDOS from hell, it might be time to switch to here.

Then again, I should probably just start blogging on my blog, however, I liked having my "personal musings" journal be completely detached from my website.


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