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eat a dick!

Rumour has it I've jumped ship and I'm no longer on speaking terms with Facebook. Absolutely correct.

Facebook and I have been very bad for each other for the past few years, and the level of abuse has gotten so bad it's no longer acceptable. When it stops being fun, stop doing it. Facebook stopped being fun a long time ago. I could probably go on for a long time about why, but then I'd be still talking about Facebook after I left and that's a little lame.

I'm still around, don't worry. I'm just not there. Best way to contact me is through my website. E-mail is the absolutely best way to get my attention. There's a mailing list if you feel like you'd like a monthly/semi-monthly dose of what I'm doing with my life. Daily doses of snark can be had on my twitter.

Thanks everyone! Keep in touch. :D

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Currently I have a few hundred people talking about me across the country. And in the middle of all of it, I am being celebrated by one group and demonized by another, and both of these groups intersect, and all of it is me being my usual self. Strangely enough, no matter how loud all of this gets, I am shaking my head over all of it, because while I can get about a hundred people talking about me for a thousand miles, I can't sell a coffee mug to feed my kid.

And over all of it, our country is falling apart but I'm a worry.
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I was going to make this huge livejournal post here tomorrow, because it will be my big anniversary with this place. Yeah man, can you believe it, 10 years of livejournaling.

Who here has been the longest? I think my brother has been here since day one. Or at least, I've talked about him the most. Hahaha.

10 years of awesome adventures, a dozen failed creative attempts, and a few heartbreaks.

So yeah, was gonna post a huge thing about my "10 years of lj" but apparently tomorrow is the day everyone shuts down the internet to protest something about fair trade (countries that make and sell soap and how we abuse them) or some other weird 'protest the internet' movement.

That's my luck.

/cue theme song.

oh wait, my ten year is today, i still have time!
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Being as I'm kind of a momma's boy, I did my usual good thing and called her today.

She had absolutely no idea what I'd been up to for the past few weeks in regards to my college stuff.

She said I gave her one of the best mother's day gifts she's ever gotten, knowing that I'm making a real future for myself.
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With the beginning of the new year, I'm perfectly ready to start putting more energy into getting even more of my shit together. I have a few great things planned out. Not much, mind you, because my laptop is flat out dead now, but I think if I look at my to-do list hard enough, I can find things on it I can do that doesn't involve my computer. Or at least things that don't involve *my* laptop.

Of course, I just came down with a seriously nasty cold, so I'm not doing shit that warrants my attention for more than 5 minutes at a clip.

Which really sucks, because I really need to get off of my ass and WRITE.

A few things have been weighing heavily around my neck, and I really need to just talk about them. I'm just not ready yet. I need to string the right words together for it.

Also, I really want to get in on that NANOWRIMO (whatever, fuck off) project this year. I figure joining it would motivate me to get a ton of writing in, and also it might get me motivated to finish up my Zombie Movie, which I have been "writing" for over three years now. I look at it once every few months, but I never really do anything with it. I was going to turn it into an actual script and then continue, but I don't know. Maybe I should just finish it up as the story it is, and then work on converting the formatting.

So yeah, I'm taking a very deserved break from web design. I'm also going to ignore the 3D CGI stuff until classes start. Which means I should find more time for writing.

So yeah, NANNARIMORI day 1: word count ZERO.
didn't write shit cuz i'm so sick i'm practically hallucinating.

am i doing it right?
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where the hell is the line between "ranting to blow off steam" and "passive-aggressive shit-talking"?

Ugh. P/A behaviour drives me up the wall. But does talking about it make me P/A?

I'm really more of an active-aggressive sort of person. I just happen to be very patient and very tolerant. Which makes it easier for me to get along with people, and I guess it makes it easier to get along with me. That and I'm kinda easy to figure out. Or, at least I look like it. Still waters run deep, and there's a body at the bottom of the well.

Long fuse. Long, long fuse. Luckily, I know the trick to this. It's about letting what does not matter, slide.

The rainstorms are a welcome relief from the violent heat wave that has gripped Philly this week. Perfect weather for some Depeche Mode, fresh coffee, and some fried scrapple. It's also a good day to play video games and draw half-naked elf chicks. Unfortunately, I can't just "let go" for a day and game it up. I'm obsessed with this new hobby. It's called "looking for work". Fuck. If I could somehow turn "looking for a job" into "a job", I'd be pulling in a six figure salary.

I'd be pissed if I wasn't so goddamned amused.

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