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 I own everything that has happened to me. I will tell my stories. If you don't want to be known as the villain, you should've been a better person. 

Also, there's that one difference. I don't have to make shit up like you do. 
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My daughter has a heart condition and could need life saving surgery at a moment's notice.

My daughter currently lives with a few minutes *walking distance* from the number one children's hospital in the US.

Kate will be moving to Bedford, PA. 

Three hours away.

I can't see any reason where I would ever want to put my daughter at this sort of risk. No reason at all. 

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Every day I spend without hearing my daughter's laughter is another day where you murdered me.
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Alex lives within seconds of the best children's hospital in the nation. What is going on that its worth changing that? Is someone in immediate danger?

This is only until her next surgery. Then we can all go our separate ways. Is this over dishes? Is this about getting someone's dick wet? What is worth dropping the active response time when my daughter's lips turn blue?

So what is going on that is so goddamned terrible that you're willing to risk my daughter's life, but somehow not a single other person in either of our lives knows anything about it?
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Every day I know that I'm dying. Every day I fight that much harder.

If you see it, I'd love to hear it. Because right now I feel like I'm alone in this.

I don't want to be alone in this. No one wants to be alone in this.
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My daughter Alex wakes me up at sunrise. I immediately make her a bottle and then we both go back to sleep. Then she's start making little bird noises to get my attention. When she catches me looking at her, she starts smiling and bouncing in her crib. 

In the kitchen I'll feed her a few pieces of fruit while I brew coffee. 

The morning is me doing the following:
1. Check my e-mail.
2. Check facebook notifications.
3. Read news feeds while I drink coffee.
4. Post and share whatever needs to be shared. 

While I do that, Alex is watching her daily dose of educational shows, or she's sitting in my lap and we chat away or I'll read random things to her.

At breakfast I wake her mom, then I feed Alex, lay her down with a bottle, and then try to cram as many hours into work* as possible. 

Then after he brief nap, it's whatever Alex wants to do while Kate and I clean up after her.

Lunch happens at some point. Alex is down for her nap and I cram more work in. Once her afternoon nap happens, if it happens, her and I stay out of Kate's hair while she gets ready for work. 

So that's really that. Stay tuned later when I post what I do with the rest of my day...

*Usually it's my website stuff in the morning, and Mjolnir in the afternoon.

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Kate has been wonderful to me the past few weeks, just in case anyone was wondering.
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Look how lovely she is...

She's so good to me.

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