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So... let's talk about my website.

The funny thing is, I can either update it or I can create content to update it with. I obviously can't do both and it shows.

I have dumped a bunch of new content on there over the past year, and it's getting to get a little crazy there.

That means going in there and cleaning and organizing. Expect a lot of changes.

If anyone wants to be a part of the process, visit and send me critiques. It's now or never because once I straighten up in there, I'm planning on being busy enough no one's going to hear from me ever again.

I'm posting this publicly for everyone, but I'm especially asking for assistance from my friends, because I love you all and I value your opinion. I would love if you share the joy and come join me. I kinda miss spending time with a lot of you guys. 

(Also, I'm honestly a little tired of doing this all by myself.)

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After only about a week or so of using DreamWidth for my journaling, I'm now finding out via [site community profile] dw_maintenance  that they are experiencing crossposting problems with livejournal.

This is my luck. Still.

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So I guess here we go, a brand new adventure in the world of blogging as I transfer over 10 years of journalling into one new location. Now I'm trimming down my tag cloud (which, holy shit jay, poetry tags? you're annoying) from over 260 to maybe 25.

And don't think for a second I'm going to go tag up my posts for the first two journals.

Ten years of journalling. What would that look like if it was printed up into little diaries? Would it be a shoebox or a milk crate?

Okay, math time. I'm going to ignore word counts and focus on pages, because for these every page would have one entry, and some comments. I think the average paperback novel is going to have... 300 pages? 400?

Okay I'm looking at copies of the two books next to me. One is Handmaid's Tale, the other is Ghostmaker. Yes, judge me.

I'm about right. So 350 pages average. I don't REALLY do cheese sandwich posts, and I don't usually post memes, and even my twitter posts are only a recent addition and they're probably safely in this range.... so let's assume I'm god for one page of content for 50% of the time.

I'm looking at the numbers when I last kept count, and I'm looking at about 3380 entries between all three journals. So assuming my signal:noise ratio is sitting around 50%, I'm looking at 1500 pages? All the journals are almost the same length (weirdly), so I'm looking at three really beefy novels. I really think they wouldn't work as paperbacks, so maybe they'd have to be slightly larger hardcovers. I guess 3 to 5 books?


Lots of editing. I need a fucking editor. But I need to figure out how to ship something to publishers to see about interest, because fuck all if I'm going to republish 10 years of my life and not figure out how to sell it in the real world. Who the fuck is going to buy a biography that stretches over 4 books. That's stupid. BUT I GUESS THAT'S WHAT AN EDITOR IS FOR.

anyways... it's still just a weak thought in my head. I don't know if I would just dump it all out chronologically, or somehow split it into 3 different phases in my life. I could easily do a whole book on that ugly period in NY, and do one for the road, but then I've got a whole bunch of random life I'd have to bind up into a book.... and what worked for William Burroughs is not going to work for me.

Anyways hey check it out, I'm thinking about another project that's going to take years out of my life and I'll sell a half dozen copies. Because I'm not sitting on a bunch of other eggs waiting to be found.

Go me.

The first two journals have been thrown into the fire. The third will be tossed in once it outlives its usefulness. Right now it's a great echo mechanism, and if I could figure out how to get everything to broadcast from there opaquely... that would be wonderful.

I have an e-mail for all of this. Maybe I can set up a repeater there. OR HIRE A FUCKING ASSISTANT.

Burning the old journals feels kinda good. More of you should do this.

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So I'm really over livejournal. It's completely dead, outside of four or five friends, and I'd love to see these friends either move to their owndomains, or move to here. Maybe if I can develop some app or script that can do everything I need to do to migrate, and perfect it so otherpeople can migrate their journals in only a button or two...

 Things to do:
  1. Archive all 3 livejournals.
  2. Shut down all 3.*
  3. Upload everything to this place. 
There are a few things that LJ has that this place does not. However, those small things are not keeping me there. And I'm thinking if I ask nicely, I'll get those things here. Regardless... the ground there is going sour.

*I'll keep the latest LJ up, but only because it echoes nicely and plays well with FB.
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Once universally praised for founder Brad Fitzpatrick’s open-source platform and commitment to a free userbase—he once vowed that LiveJournal would always have basic (non-paying or ad-supported) accounts—LiveJournal is known these days mostly for being popular in Russia (the Russian name for blogging is “LJ.”) and Singapore, and for housing gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t.

What happened?

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I was going to make this huge livejournal post here tomorrow, because it will be my big anniversary with this place. Yeah man, can you believe it, 10 years of livejournaling.

Who here has been the longest? I think my brother has been here since day one. Or at least, I've talked about him the most. Hahaha.

10 years of awesome adventures, a dozen failed creative attempts, and a few heartbreaks.

So yeah, was gonna post a huge thing about my "10 years of lj" but apparently tomorrow is the day everyone shuts down the internet to protest something about fair trade (countries that make and sell soap and how we abuse them) or some other weird 'protest the internet' movement.

That's my luck.

/cue theme song.

oh wait, my ten year is today, i still have time!
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Everybody's starin' at me
I'm only bleeding...

Created on 2002-01-16 21:18:25 (#441253), last updated 2003-07-21
2,612 comments received, 4,737 comments posted
1,029 Journal Entries, 0 Tags, 6 Memories,
<10 ScrapBook Files, 0 Virtual Gifts, 3 Userpics


Cowards Beware!
Every Time I'm Right, A Little Part of You Dies.

Created on 2003-06-23 09:37:27 (#1136529), last updated 2011-07-19
6,029 comments received, 7,131 comments posted
1,221 Journal Entries, 66 Tags, 52 Memories,
50+ ScrapBook Files, 3 Virtual Gifts, 15 Userpics


as love crowns you so shall he crucify you
i bleed willingly and joyfully

Created on 2007-11-14 21:51:16 (#14253036), last updated 2011-10-26
3,044 comments received, 3,666 comments posted
1,130 Journal Entries, 220 Tags, 20 Memories,
30+ ScrapBook Files, 1 Virtual Gift, 13 Userpics

3380 entries and counting. This is going to be a big book.
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Rumour has it ElJay is currently being DDOS attacked. I don't know who's dumb enough to waste their time trying to take down the internet's version of "does this website make me look fat?" but it's ridiculous.

If it keeps up, what little user base is left is going to go run off to use EffBee's "notes" or worse yet, they might all go and learn how to make and maintain websites.

So... here's how to save your precious cheese sandwich posts from being derezzed when the purge comes.
  1. Download and install LJ-Archive.
  2. Follow the fucking directions.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.
There you have it. Now you can dump your archive into your Google docs, publish them as a book no one will read, or if you're technically inclined, you can set up a WordPress account, and then import all of your entries into there.

(Which I recommend highly, because once your WP is set up and your old entries are there, you can install a plug-in that allows you to push all of your future WP entries to BOTH LJ and FB.)

Any questions? Feel free to help.
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Now with LJ being completely fucking raped by some sort of DDOS from hell, it might be time to switch to here.

Then again, I should probably just start blogging on my blog, however, I liked having my "personal musings" journal be completely detached from my website.


Test Post.

Jul. 3rd, 2010 08:06 pm
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IF all goes well, this will not only post to my eljay, but also my efbee. Then I’ll be able to do something with both.

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Anyways, I've also gone ahead and created a blog, something I haven't really had since I last had a domain a few years ago. Shit, I was blogging before the term even existed; we're talking back in the era of E/N sites. StileProject didn't have porn ads, there was no blogosphere. I'm a little shocked. Back in the day there really wasn't much out there in terms and resources for anyone who wanted to have a 'blog' (man, i *still* feel weird even using that term.). You wanted a blog, you opened up notepad and you wrote it yourself. You wanted links, you went out there and looked for them. Then you e-mailed other webmasters and you bartered for reciprocal links.

Now it's a simple matter of creating a blog, then clicking a few links. Traffic is created for you. Images are generated online instantly. Templates are everywhere. Honestly, if you have the information architecture, you don't really need anything else. Follow the directions, do a quick google search and you will never have to contact a web designer the entire time. Sounds great, unless you're one of them.

What amazes me is that designers and coders have created so much in terms of generators and templates, that we've almost automated ourselves out of existence. You need a CMS, there's a thousand of them out there. Want to change the design and layout? There's a million templates. Need shiny buttons? Billions. Widgets, snippets, whatever.

We're at the point now if you know how to cut&paste, you can have a cutting edge site up and running in a manner of minutes. Honestly, I'm not exaggerating here.

Absolutely amazing. Thrilling too. Now after years of designers talking about "content is king", it might actually be coming true.

The funny part, however, is that even with all of these templates and generators, you'd think we had open-sourced ourselves out of existence. Luckily, the only people who know these things exist are the people they would normally replace.

Thank god the average user is usually overwhelmed, easily confused, and a touch lazy. Otherwise we'd be extinct.

Shit. Is this a rant?

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