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There are so many parents and when I say parents, I mean dads, that reject their children. Leave the mom to figure it out. Then there are the great dads. The dads that love every moment with their child.. The dads, in spite of a failed relationship, do not fail their child.

To me, you're that second type of dad. It is so unnerving to me that anyone would try to keep a father like you away from your child.

It's evident your relationship with your daughter is amazingly connected and it's heart breaking to watch this unfold as it has. I wish I had words that could fix all this for you and make everything all right, but all I have to offer you is support, understanding and a ear if you need one. Keep fighting for your right to have a relationship with your daughter. There is no justifiable reason for that to be taken away.


Apr. 25th, 2014 10:15 pm
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I let people in letting them know full well I am very open about my life. They always get full access to my livejournal of 10+, they can go do what they damned like, and I wouldn't be adverse to the idea of maybe convincing people to start reading the manual before they start up. No one ever really has I think, which is a shame, because it would simplify things for both of us. However I also try to tell my partners that I don't change for anyone without due cause, so the fact that I'm open now means I will also be open afterwards. And if you don't want me to tell everyone you're a fuck up, then don't be a fuck up.

You think it'd be that easy, right? Nope. People only thumb through shit and look for the sexy parts. At this point I think I've lived like this for too long that trying not to do with the next relationship would only make things worse.

from rat

Aug. 2nd, 2011 01:47 am
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"I saw you weather some hard shit- and it made a different guy outta ya eventually... but I dont think you are the kind of person to walk away from anything without takin something you could refference later.ya stuck out in my mind early on cause I thought you were a smarter deeper person than the rest of the rabble. Theres more there than a shiny button"
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"She loves you, and doesn't realize it, or if she does, she's terrified. Completely fascinated with you.
Oh, and not for nuthin', you put off pheromones like few others I've come into scent range with. You drive most women to madness. No wonder you're afraid of them. You don't know what madness you bring us.
Don't apologize, we suffer willingly every time for that high."

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