Sep. 10th, 2014

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  His face turned dark. He cursed himself for not paying attention. And now he knew that if he radioed them at this moment it would probably only just distract Bailey, and any distraction right now would certainly kill someone.
Jake saw the shamblers slowly turn towards the men, and blindly heading towards their general direction. He knew it would be only moments before the noise and the heat of the motorcycles starting up would definitely cause the creatures to rally. And a rallied horde is bound to attract anything else in the area. A horde of any size is extremely dangerous, but a big enough horde usually attracts any runners that might be around.
Without turning his attention away from the creatures or the men, Jake broke protocol and yelled. "Damnit Jo. Get back inside. Get the engines turning. We need to go." Without looking he reached back open palmed for her, as if he was pantomiming pushing her away, and she reached out and with the tips of her two fingers, she very lightly touched his palm. As is the way with the people of the rails. “We touch one last time, every time.”
Quickly and without sound, Jo was leapt with a short arc and slipped easily down the hatch and out of sight.

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