Jan. 25th, 2014

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So that's it. After a month of waiting to be proven wrong, instead it went the opposite way.

Somehow I ended up founding and funding a start-up and then watched it turn around and vote me off the island.


My first step was going to do a full evaluation of the company, create a presentation for the board, and then offer up a suggestion on what to do next. Sounds rational. Sounded pretty good to my family over the holidays. Sounded pretty good to the lawyer. I fucking ran this thing around the back of my head like a pinball for the entire month. I looked at it from all angles. I looked at the reasons leading up to it, and I looked at so many different possibilities of how it could go down. Everything sounded great.

Not ten minutes after my first e-mail to the team someone takes umbrage at something I say, and shit goes south IMMEDIATELY.

the e-mail in question )...and  there is a board-meeting tonight, and I am fresh on the agenda.

So... I guess until I get my letter of forced removal from the board I get to sit on my ass and watch this place fall apart, or I move on with my own projects now while waiting on getting my investment back...

Too bad. I had high hopes. Lots of plans. Guess I just trusted the wrong set of people. 

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