Jan. 8th, 2014

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So... now that everything is cleared up, finally, I can talk about this illness.

After extensive testing it's been concluded that the initial diagnosis about my previous diagnosis was false. I'm still a type 2 diabetic. So all of that agony was kinda over nothing, and I'd normally be pretty outraged over the whole fucking thing, but I'm so incredibly tired from the entire situation that I'd rather just get over it. However life changes dramatically when a person believes they're about to die. No matter how wrong a person might be, belief is pretty strong. You get to that point where you're calling for a lawyer to help you sign off on a trust fund, you know things have gotten serious. And so it got me into thinking. Mostly about priorities.

But since I'm no longer in a rush to talk about that, I'm not going to just yet. #haha

Enough people have asked about what's going on with my health, so here's the story. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of my friends and family members who got in contact with me and asked me how things were going. You're big part of why I'm still here.

I'm currently on an emergency (and temporary) regiment of insulin use to bring my levels back down to normal, and then I will be switched back to using 'normal' medication. Of course this means even greater and more permanent lifestyle changes, but I had already started down that path once my daughter was born.

And I'll take it. It's not the first time, hopefully it'll be the last. I can't imagine getting too much more "healthier" than this. Yogurt in the morning, salads at night, yoga and stretching whenever I'm not scraping my child off of the chandelier. I was getting into this sort of mindset anyways, but now I have a medical excuse.

So that's the good part, I guess. I'm not in any immediate danger anymore. However it's still going to be a long time before I recover. I'm still in a tremendous amount of pain, and I'm probably going to feel like this for a while. I'm not going to lie, the quality of my life isn't that positive right now, and all of it is medical. Sometimes it's agonizing to the point its disabling, but I'm Irish so no one really hears about it.

I'm currently suffering from a painful and serious health issue, but the good news it can and it will end. It's just gonna take a little while.

Better diet, more exercise. 4 units of insulin every meal. Test my blood before and after. 12 more units before bed. We're trying to get my average of 375 down to 100. I am piercing my own flesh on a regular basis anywhere from 10-12 times a day. Did I mention I hurt worst in my extremities?

At least it's only temporary. 3 months tops, maybe?

1000 drops of blood.

At least with all of this bloodletting I'm learning something. None of its really anything good or positive, but I'm certainly getting a goddamned education.

TL:DR; We hit the snooze button on the doomclock.

Oh hey and speaking of diabetes, it's expensive and I have no insurance.

Once again, thanks to everyone who's been asking.

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